2023 BMW X5 M60i Facelift from the Spy Photographers’ Photos

2023 BMW X5 M60i facelift – BMW is coming with its large SUV known as the 2023 BMW X5 M60i. Thanks to the spy shots that show this model. It seems that this model is slimmer, along with a diamond-shaped grille. The prototype specifications below will reduce your curiosity about the X5 M60i before spotting the original version on the road.

2023 BMW X5 M60i Facelift Specs


2023 BMW X5 M60i facelift spy shot

BMW seems to keep the hexagonal LED light on the X5 M60i version just like the X1, iX1, 3 Series sedan, and other BMW series. The tail lights look more attractive and eye-catching with the black and red motif, along with 3D detailing. You may remember the X3 version when seeing the lighting feature of the X5 M60i version.


BMW wants to ensure that the driver and passengers are comfortable during the trip using this car. Because of that, this automaker installs the OS8.0 infotainment system. It is not a new feature for BMW vehicles. You will see the same infotainment system in the i4 and iX versions. It means the 2023 BMW X5 M60i will have an infotainment system with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment display. This infotainment system will use the latest iDrive 8 operating system with several advanced features, such as voice recognition, better personalization, a minimalist interface, and large icons.

Engine of 2023 BMW X5 M60i Facelift

According to the BMW Blog, this automaker will install XDrive40i, XDrive45e, and M50i for the 2023 X5. They chose the six-cylinder xDrive40i petrol to boost the power from 250kW to 275kW. On the other hand, the plug-in hybrid xDrive45e will boost the power from 290kW to almost 360kW. The next-gen 7 Series seems to be working enough to boost the power of this vehicle. It is also expected that the 2023 X5 BMW M60i uses a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. It seems a reasonable option to get the same power and function as the 48 V mild hybrid technology. The truth is that BMW often uses this engine for its recent cars. This vehicle will be more efficient with the use of four wheels and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2023 BMW X5 M60i facelift rear

New Changes

You may see something different when seeing the rear light lenses and bumper of the X5 M60i. Plus, the design feels different once you enter the car. It can be because of the use of a new widescreen digital dashboard display. This feature has a larger touchscreen and the latest iDrive8 software. Indeed, the car is not only stylish but also comfortable enough to drive. The 2023 X5 M60i latest photos show the uniqueness of this car. It looks eye-catching to see. Indeed, you will recognize this car even if you see it at a glance on the road. The automaker also has a plan to improve the range of the electric power. There is no official confirmation yet from BMW about how far it will be extended.

Final Verdict

Generally, the 2023 BMW X5 M60i facelift uses the DNA of most BMW M and the four-door cars. That’s why it will be a bit difficult to spot this model at first glance even when the manufacturer has updated it. It can be the reason why BMW releases the X5 M60i with a bit different design. People can spot this car at first glance due to its unique exterior. Indeed, automotive fans, especially BMW fans expect more and something more spectacular than the prototype. At least, you get an overview of the design and specifications of the 2023 BMW X5 M60i. Then, you can ensure what type of car it is and whether it is good enough for you to drive it or not. You should check the official BMW blog for more information about the M60i version.

2023 BMW X5 Facelift FAQs:

What is the release date of 2023 BMW X5 m60i Facelift?

2023 BMW X5 Facelift will come in April 2023

What is rumored new Engine of BMW X5 M60i Facelift?

With the codename S68, this new engine is rumored to be replacing the N63 Unit. The new B58 TÜ2 (B58B30M2) engine will also rumored to be used also by BMW X5 plug-in hybrid.

what is 2023 BMW X5 M60i Facelift Price?

There is no information regarding prices. But, it is approx. $82,800.

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