2023 Genesis GV90 – Specifications and release date

SUV lovers will be happy with the exposure of the 2023 Genesis GV90 SUV photos. The photos were taken by a group of a spy who saw the testing session. It seems that Hyundai wants to release a new electric large SUV through this vehicle. Are you curious about the specifications of this car? Check the review below.

Genesis GV90 Exterior

2023 Genesis gv90
source: thekoreancarblog.

Based on the photos taken by the spy, Hyundai designs this vehicle in a third-row model with a closed window design on the back. Some people say that the exterior of this car is similar to Hyundai Paris.

At a glance, it is similar to Paris, but the length of the third-row window is a little bit longer than Paris. The rear wheel is another interesting point of this vehicle where the manufacturer also increases its size. It makes the exterior of this vehicle look longer than Hyundai Paris. Overall, the body length can reach less than 5 meters.

The air intake grille and its headlights are other new things. Hyundai installs a large diamond-shaped air intake grille and two horizontal bars for their new product. Due to the exterior design, this vehicle will be the largest model in the Hyundai family.


Hyundai explains that the Genesis GV90 SUV will be the second dedicated electric Genesis vehicle after the GV60. Because of that, it seems that this vehicle uses a similar engine which is a 74-kWh front motor and a 160-kW rear motor.

This two-motor system supports this new Hyundai SUV 2023 to produce up to 314 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque. It expects that this latest Genesis version will be faster on the highway, along with a more powerful trim level.

2023 Genesis GV90 Specs

Since this latest vehicle follows the GV60, Hyundai seems to have installed a green button on the steering wheel. This secret button will significantly boost the power up from the normal condition to reach 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft.

It even helps the vehicle to increase its power in only 10 seconds. Don’t get surprised by the crystal ball inside the vehicle. It is considered an infotainment feature, along with an automatic changing color system. This feature also shows whether the vehicle is on or not.


It is the same case with the interior in which Hyundai chooses white or blue for the interiors. The manufacturer seems to expect that the interior design will pop up. It is also a perfect vehicle for a long vacation where drivers must bring a lot of items. They only have to place the items in the large storage space at the bottom. You can ask the passengers in the front and rear anytime you need to take the items. The model looks stylish and eye-catching with the use of Nappa leather.

Passengers feel super comfortable even after sitting on this vehicle for a few hours. Thanks to the heated rear and massaging seat model. Overall, the interior will be roomy for four adults. Taller passengers can even sit pleasantly with the spacious backseat legroom and headroom.


Indeed, Hyundai gives a touch of technology in this vehicle. For example, there is a small camera on the pillar. This camera supports the facial recognition system for extra protection. Hyundai even keeps the fingerprint system on this vehicle.
It uses infrared technology to ensure that the camera works well even in low-light situations. This technology can also detect your face or a photo of you accurately.

Expected specs so far:

Aspect Genesis GV90 SUV Specifications
Wheelbase 122 in.
Width 81 in.
Height 70 in.
Length 194 in.
10-80% DC Fast-Charging Time ~20 minutes
Range (EPA) 300+ miles
Peak DC Charging Power 350 kW
Battery Pack Capacity 100 kWh

Genesis GV90 Release date and Price

Indeed, the Genesis GV90 is worth waiting for. Hyundai clarifies that this vehicle will be released in 2023. At least, this company will release the prototypes on the road during summer. There is no info about the pricing.