2023 Mercedes AMG C63 – Specs, Design, Price, Release date

The 2023 Mercedes AMG C63 will be one of the new cars this car manufacturer releases. This new car will bring many changes. Many experts call it one of the essential changes for this model, thanks to the all-new hybrid drivetrain. So, do not expect to see Mercedes-AMG V8 under the hood of this model.

You will only find a new hybrid system that brings this car to the next level. Let’s see more about what this car has.

The Design and Appearance

2023 AMG C63 front photo
2023 AMG C63 front photo

One of the interesting things about the design is Mercedes trying to downsize this car. Compared to the previous model in the same series, we can see that it has a slightly smaller dimension than its predecessor. We assume that this effort is to accommodate the new drivetrain that replaces the big-sized V8 engine you can find on the previous model. It could be an effort to save more space and improve efficiency.

We can’t see a detailed appearance of this new AMG C63. The only picture we have is the spy photo. Moreover, during the test run, this car also uses camouflage painting, which makes it difficult to see the shape, accent, and other elements of its exterior. But, from one glance, we can say for sure that this car will be one of the coolest cars that this brand will release.

2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 rear  photo
2023 AMG C63 rear photo


  1. Specifications and Performance
  2. Engine Specs
  3. Price and Release date

2023 Mercedes AMG C63 Specs and Performance

Now, let’s move to the most interesting part. Yes, we are talking about the big change on the drivetrain, which we believe will affect its performance significantly. As we mentioned, it uses a new hybrid system that signs the change on this brand sports model.

From the available information about its specification, it will have two types of powertrains, which is the fuel powertrain in the front, and the rear-mounted electric motor. The front powertrain uses an M139 inline-four. It has a new setup, which utilizes the turbocharger. Thanks to that, the car has better performance that removes the turbo lag and improves the driving response.

The rear motor works as the booster for its speed. It supports the inline-four motor. On the other hand, it also has a two-speed transmission system, suitable for high-speed driving.

How about the output for this new powertrain design?

We have no official information yet regarding the output. But, from the specifications of the engine core, we can say that it can produce a similar output as the V8 engine that you can find on previous Mercedes-AMG cars. Therefore, this drivetrain can produce at least 503 horsepower. The maximum output that this new drivetrain could produce is around 670 horsepower, which is very high for motorsport in this class.

Another interesting thing about the new hybrid system is the 48V starter motor system. This motor will be channeled to the nine-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter. This new core will be mounted on the new frame, which has a lower center of gravity, similar to the old V8. This car also uses the latest Formula One technology. The technology they take is emission reduction and performance improvement design. It might be too much different than the previous V8. And, if you are a V8 lover, you might be disappointed with this change.

However, it seems that Mercedes is trying to adapt to the latest trend. It means they will emphasize the environmentally-friendly concept. And, that is necessary. If they want to compete and win the car market competition next year, they need that concept. We believe 2023 will be the year of the hybrid and full-electric car. So, with that kind of market, this change will help the new AMG C63 to stand out among the crowd.

Price and Release Date of 2023 AMG C63

We have no information about the official release date of this new Mercedes. The reveal of this car design and specification is at the end of this year. Then, it will be available in the market in early 2023. As for the prices, 2023 AMG C63 will be available starting from $101,000 to $120,900 for the global market.
Depending on the options and model variation, the price could be lower or higher. We only need to wait for the official information about 2023 Mercedes AMG C63.

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