2023 MG5 Wagon Facelift Specs, Release Date, Price of new EV

2023 MG5 Wagon Facelift –  Automotive fans are waiting for the latest MG5 EV. Finally, MG Motor revealed the look of the MG5 EV in the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. After the MG5 electric compact wagon revision, this vehicle brings a significant improvement. The review below will explain the improvement from the MG5 EV.

2023 MG5 EV Wagon Facelift Specifications


2023 MG5 wagon interior

MG Motor improves the interior design, such as the interior fascia, and installs a 10.25-inch widescreen infotainment system using the latest software. The sophisticated software is also compatible with the iSMART. This feature connects the car system with an MG app. You will see Vehicle-To-Load or V2L in this car. It is not a new technology. MG Motor has used it on the ZS EV and launched this car in November 2021. This automaker keeps this technology because V2L can power the electric devices using energy in the MG5 EV battery. This feature can recharge e-bikes, portable heaters, and camping equipment.

People in Mainland Europe can enjoy the latest MG5 EV with two battery options, the LFP or Lithium Iron Phosphate and NMC or Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt. The LFP version is the standard, with a capacity of 50.3 kWh. This battery can bring the car up to 320 kilometers or 199 miles. On the other hand, the NMC version comes with 61.1 kWh. This battery can lead the vehicle to reach over 400 kilometers or 295 miles.

2023 MG5 wagon facelift changes

Engine, Battery, Top Speed & Performance

The standard battery can produce up to 174 horsepower or a 130-kW electric motor. The long-range version can have up to 154 horsepower or a 115-kW motor. Both of them deliver 206 lb-ft or 280 Nm of maximum torque. Despite the different battery models, the speed and acceleration are identical. The car can accelerate 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) for both LFP and NMC batteries. The top speed can reach 8.3 seconds and 185 km/h or 115 mph for both batteries.

Special Feature

One of the unique features you can get from this car is the quick charging capability at a public charging point or AC. Thanks to the 11 kW onboard 3-phase charger or DC fast-charging feature. This feature can charge the battery up to 80% in only 30 minutes.

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2023 MG5 Wagon Facelift Release date and Price

There is no official confirmation yet about the specification of the MG5 EV in the UK. The company explains that it will release the details, including the price and release date. Surprisingly, the automaker successfully sold over 8.000 units of MG5 EV in the UK with a lack of information. They have offered this car since November 2020.

2023 MG5 wagon facelift

The UK market is not the only area the automaker wants to grab. The automaker’s representative explains that the company is also considering offering this car to the Australian market. If so, GM Motors will offer different variants they launch in the UK. We can only wait for the realization because there is no confirmation yet about when the company will release this car in the Australian market. The company will also change the model name for the Australian buyers.

For example, the MG5 coupe sedan in Thailand is similar to the Honda Civic. The manufacturer uses two 1.5-liter engines by SAIC. SAIC is MG’s parent company. They also offer the 89kW version and 129kW turbo version, along with a 5-speed manual and 7-speed dual-clutch auto. Due to this example, it seems that the MG5 EV in Australia will be similar to the MG ZST small SUV, along with an active safety suite, a digital gauge cluster, multimedia touchscreen, and leather trim.