2023 Peugeot 408 – The Stylishly Appealing Peugeot 408 Finally Arrives

2023 Peugeot 408 – is about to hit the market real soon with a bang, indeed. According to the Peugeot, it is a dynamic fastback that comes with an elevated body as well as large wheels. More importantly, it has a so-called feline stance that is familiar to many car enthusiasts. Believe it or not, the new 408 from Peugeot is not the same as the 408 found in China in 2010.

2023 Peugeot 408 Specifications

The 2023 Peugeot 408 Plug-In Hybrid is officially a fastback. It is not the same one as the sedan version for the 308 hatchbacks as found in the car market in China. It is a vehicle that has an unconventional appeal similar to the Citroen C5X. It incorporates the Stellantis EMP2 platform found in Peugeot 308 wagons globally. It is said to be a more sophisticated version of the platform to sit at the top of the C-segment.

2023 Peugeot 408 front
2023 Peugeot 408

The Size and Dimensions

2023 Peugeot 408 for the 2023 year model is 4,687 mm long, 1,859 wide, and 1,478 tall. In terms of its wheelbase, it stretches 2,787 mm long. At that measurement, the new 408 is slightly longer than the 208 SW with its traditional design. Meanwhile, the space for the wheels is enough to accommodate 20-inch wheels. Thus, Peugeot offers that size of wheels for the high-end trim of this vehicle.

2023 Peugeot 408

Engine and Performance of 2023 Peugeot 408 Plug-In Hybrid

The performance aspect of the new 408 comes with a choice of two plug-in hybrid options. It comes with a front-wheel-drive engine and an eight-speed automatic type of transmission plus an electric motor. Meanwhile, the 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine is also the same. Yet, they come with a different set of tunes to produce a different output of 150 and 180 horsepower. In short, the more potent variant of the new Peugeot 408 can reach up to 225 horsepower at peak.

Meanwhile, the PHEV with a lower performance level will only hit 180 horsepower maximum. Apart from the standard 150 horsepower variant, there is also an entry-level choice that comes up with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine producing only 130 horsepower. That is a wide range of performance choices.

2023 Peugeot 408 dashboard

The Interior Space

Checking out the 2023 Peugeot 408 PHEV interior, there will not be too many changes to expect, unfortunately. It is easy to say that the interior of most of the 308 models is there inside the cabin of the new 408. It means that Peugeot continues to bring the luxury cabin design just as before. The typically small steering wheel of Peugeot remains there in the control center of the vehicle. Moreover, it comes with a pair of 10-inch screens with a decent quality sound system from Focal.

There are 10 speakers in total within that sound system inside the cabin of Peugeot 408. The presence of a sub woofer increases the overall quality of the audio output in the cabin. At least, those things are enough to cover the entertainment sector of the vehicle itself. Regarding the space for luggage, the car comes with up to 536 liters of space with the rear seats remain functional. Meanwhile, the space increases up to 1,611 liters when the rear seats are folded. Yet, that space is only available in the Peugeot 408 model that comes with a combustion engine. At least, it provides a crucial element to add into consideration.

2023 Peugeot 408 top photo

2023 Peugeot 408 Release Date and Price

So far, the predicted time of the official release of the new 408 from Peugeot is early 2023. Yet, no official information just yet regarding the release date following the official reveal on 22 June 2022. Even the pricing of the car itself remains unknown. Nevertheless, it may come up after the release of the new generation of 308 later in 2022. As for now, those are everything about the upcoming Peugeot 408.