The 2023 Toyota Crown Cross is Coming

2023 Toyota Crown Cross is coming to continue its product line that has been around for about 15 generations. The appearing patent image of the vehicle opens up a hot discussion among car enthusiasts and fans. The most significant change is the alteration of its appearance as a sporty high-rise sedan or fastback. Of course, there is nothing more interesting than checking out the new Crown.

Specs of 2023 Toyota Crown Cross


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Engine and Performance

Without a doubt, everything under the hood of the upcoming 2023 Toyota Crown Cross is a hot topic of discussion. Nevertheless, there is no official specification about this matter from Toyota. Regardless of that, the circulating words indicate that the new Crown will have two options of engine. Either a 2.5-liter hybrid engine or a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine will be available later on. The 2.5-liter hybrid could be having a CVT variant for its transmission. On the other hand, the 2.4-liter turbocharged version will have a six-speed automatic transmission. So far, those two options are reasonable choices for the 2023 Toyota Crown  engine. Nevertheless, there could be more available options later that include an electric-only variant and even a plug-in hybrid type.

2023 Toyota Crown Cross

Size and Dimensions

The 2023 Toyota Crown  is going to have 4,930 mm of length and 1,540 mm of width. That measurement makes it very similar to the Mercedes GLE Coupe. Yet, the roof-line is about 190 mm higher than the GLE Coupe. Thus it will have a height of 1,540 mm. Meanwhile, the wheelbase is at 2,850 mm according to the circulating information. It is shorter than the outgoing sedan version.

Of course, the change in its base design and build affects its overall measurement. Nevertheless, it is reasonable for Toyota to go for a new design for the 2023 Toyota Crown Crossover. At the moment, there are similar models from other manufacturers with significant popularity in the market. At least, it is time for Toyota to bring its contender to those vehicles in its respective market segment.


Concerning the features inside the cabin of the 2023 Toyota Crown Cross interior, there is not much of anything to discuss. Nevertheless, it is easy to assume that everything will not be too far away from the current trends in the car interior. Compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will most likely be in it. A bunch of advanced safety features could also be there for safer driving on the road.

2023 Toyota Crown Cross rear

Without a doubt, the 2023 Toyota Crown is not the pioneer in its respective segment in the car market. Therefore, it is easy to say that there are other cars that the new Crown will have to compete with them. More importantly, car enthusiasts and owners today are more into the features and functionalities as well instead of just considering the manufacturer or brand.

Release Date and Price of 2023 Toyota Crown

Lastly, it is interesting to anticipate the rumored date of release of this new car from Toyota. Many consider that this new Crown will act as an indirect replacement for the Avalon. Yet, the availability of the car is not clear. The coming of the Crown SUV to the United States may reveal more about the possibility of the 2023 Toyota Crown Cross being sold in the summer of 2023. What do you think?.
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2023 Toyota Crown FAQs

What is 2023 Toyota Crown Cross Release date?

2023 Toyota Crown Cross being sold in the summer of 2023

What is the competitor of Toyota Crown Cross 2023?

The Citroen C5x and Ford Evos are among the similar cars to the new Crown on the market today. Even the Mercedes GLE Coupe can also be a competitor for the new version of the Toyota Crown. Furthermore, this new car could also be related to the Lexus LS and even Toyota Mirai. After all, the market segment of the new Toyota Crown is a rather crowded market already.