2024 Jeep Jeepster, The New Baby Jeep with Striking Design and Performance

2024 Jeep Jeepster – Many surprises coming from giant automotive brands in 2025. One of them is from Jeep as the company may launch the brand new Jeep Jeepster. Compared with other series from Jeep, the 2025 Jeep Jeepster indeed looks smaller and cuter so they call it the baby Jeep. Interestingly, Jeep
has shown the prototype of the car. In addition, the latest Jeepster series is scheduled to launch in the first mid-year of 2023. Then, you can see them in the dealer in early 2024.
2024 Jeep Jeepster

Specs of 2024 Jeep Jeepster


  1. 2024 Jeep Jeepster Specs
  2. Features of 2024 Jeep Jeepster (expected)
  3. What are Engine specs of 2024 Jeep Jeepster?
  4. Production Schedule of 2024 Jeep Jeepster
  5. Price (expected)


The preview of the product only shows what the exterior will look like. It comes with a cleaner and sleeker look. The combination of black and sunshine yellow just makes the Jeep series overall look youthful yet elegant. Another option is the doodle design that is dominated by white and contrasted by black color as the
lining. The second design may not look as minimalist as the first one. Sure, it is indeed intended for you who want to look edgy and adventurous. There is no spill at all about the interior of the car. But in general, it will be riding in the CMP Stellantis Platform that is combined with other similar models from Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

2024 Jeep Jeepster rear


It is only confirmed that the prototype uses the internal fuel system to be released in 2023. Later, Jeep also stated that the electric model will also be released after that. The electric Jeep Jeepster applies the Stellantis Off-road with the electrification system. In addition, in 2025, it is expected that all the Jeep Jeepster series already have the electric option.

The 2024 Jeep Jeepster is not the only Jeep series that applies the electric system as the power source for sure. Previously, the brand has been implemented in many other series. But more than that, they promise that the power produced by the new upcoming Jeep Jeepster will be much better. If you follow the development of Jeep products you must know that the DS 3 version and Mokka come with a battery of 50 kilowatts per hour. It also uses a single motor with a power of only 9f 136 HP. Then, in the Jeep Jeepster, there are some improvements so that the power produced can be more than that. Well, a similar thing can be seen in Alfa Romeo.

Furthermore, Jeep also uses a special EV platform for the 2024 Jeep Jeepster from Stellantis. The platform consists of STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame. They facilitate the car to reach ranges from 300 to 500 miles. Unfortunately, it is unclear when the latest series of Jeepster will get the all-wheel mover. The car is said to use the CMP platform that is not designed to accommodate such a drivetrain.

The Production Schedule

There are many speculations about when the product will be produced. The most believable one is that the 2024 Jeep Jeepster starts assembly around November this year. It is proven by the report that the internal fueling engine has been done to produce. Meanwhile, the electric version is estimated to be produced in April 2023. It is followed by the production of the light hybrid trim in early 2024. Seeing the schedule, it is reasonable to expect that the 2023 Jeep Jeepster can be seen in 2023 or 2024 just like the name. Yes, even in 2024, the car should also be in the dealer.

Price of Jeep Jeepster 2024

There is also still no statement or report from the Jeep company itself on how much money to spend
for getting the car. But it is actually not that difficult to predict. By seeing the overall design and specs known so far, it may price starting at USD 35,000. So, are you interested in having one?.