2024 Volkswagen Aero B Test Drive Spy Shots Ahead of Its Arrival in 2023

2024 Volkswagen Aero B – Automotive lovers are curious about the latest Volkswagen product known as the VW Aero B. Indeed, some experts speculate that it is not the real name of the vehicle. They are even more curious after photos of this vehicle taken by spy shots are revealed on the internet. We want to describe this vehicle based on the latest photos.

2024 VW Aero B front side

2024 Volkswagen Aero B Specs


  1. Design
  2. Interior
  3. Exterior
  4. Specifications & Performance
  5. Price and Release date
  6. Final verdict


From the road test photos, this vehicle will have a five-door liftback design and is like the ID Space Vizzion features and concept in 2019. The design looks simple and like other sedans. Briefly, we will not know if it is the latest Volkswagen sedan or even if it is an electric vehicle. The eye-catching part is the flanks, and the design looks like a coke bottle. This difference makes this electric sedan elegant and sporty.

2024 Volkswagen Aero B

Versions of VW Aero B

Volkswagen will release two different versions, the ID Aero base version, and the dual-motor version, along with the MEB platform. The base version will be rear-wheel drive only. Volkswagen also uses the GTX badge. It is not a new thing since this manufacturer used it on the ID.4 and ID.5.


Based on the latest spy photos, the 2024 VW Aero B applies a white camouflage wrap. The manufacturer even uses stickers to cover up the styling details. The spies also believe that VW uses a fake grille to hide the headlights and taillights.


Volkswagen seems to keep most of the ID lineup for the interior. They will do it because the interior is simple, yet it is also high-tech enough.

2024 Volkswagen Aero-B side

2024 Volkswagen Aero B Performance

This vehicle will hit 60 miles or 96 kilometers per hour in only 5.6 seconds. The manufacturer will also support this vehicle with a 200kWh fast-charging battery. This battery helps to power this vehicle up to 400 miles up to 435 miles when it is fully charged.

Seeing the model and its specifications, this vehicle will compete against the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq 6, and the Polestar 2. The release of the 2024 VW Aero B will trigger other automotive companies to produce battery-electric vehicles. It can be a tight electric automotive battle in the western markets once the Aero B is launched. Imagine that Volkswagen will compete in a big segment against other big automakers that also bring a similar model.

2024 VW Aero B rear side

2024 VW Aero B Release Date and Price

Seeing the fact that the manufacturer has done a test drive, it seems that the release is getting closer. We predict that Volkswagen will launch this Aero-B in 2023. They will choose China as the first country to feel this electric vehicle. Besides releasing this vehicle in China, Volkswagen seems to release it in Europe and North America. They will do it to cover the uncovered western markets. Unfortunately, there is no official information yet about the price of this car. Based on the recent reports, Volkswagen will sell this VW Aero B for around 35.000 Euros in Europe. So, we only have to wait for the official announcement from the manufacturer and the official launch in the half of 2023.

Final Verdict

Electric vehicles are something exciting in Western markets. It is the reason why some automotive manufacturers start to launch their electric vehicle products, including Volkswagen. Due to the design, it seems that this vehicle can cover the needs of western users who want to drive a simple, fast, and high-tech car. The VW Aero B also gives more options to those who are waiting for an electric vehicle to come to the market besides the products by Tesla, Polestar, and Hyundai. Indeed, we can’t wait to see which car will lead the automotive industry in the Western markets.
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