2025 Cupra UrbanRebel Confirmation Before Its Release in 2025

2025 Cupra UrbanRebel – UrbanRebel city car shocked visitors at Munich Motor Show 2021. At that time, Spanish brand Cupra revealed the compact electric vehicle known as the 2025 Cupra UrbanRebel. You may not see this product on the road soon. The management confirms that they will produce this vehicle in 2025. Take a look at the details below.

2025 Cupra UrbanRebel Specifications

2025 Cupra UrbanRebel

UrbanRebel is 4.036mm long, but it is shorter than the 4.059mm SEAT Ibiza supermini. On the other hand, the body of this vehicle is wider than the Ibiza’s. The 2025 Cupra UrbanRebel’s widest point is 1.975mm whereas Ibiza’s is only 1.780mm. It has a 2.600mm wheelbase and it is longer than the Supermini. This design offers more rear legroom for passengers. The drawback is that you will not find the luggage space in this car.

Some participants showed their sporty vehicles with huge rear wings and swollen wheel arches. In contrast, Cupra exhibited an eye-catching car without losing its sporty style. This car consists of two lines that flow forward to a deep bumper.

It strengthens the sporty looking of the car. You will also see sharper lines flowing from the front wheel arch to the rear corner of the window line. The manufacturer applies this accessory to keep the vehicle stylish. 95 percent of this vehicle is similar to their products, except for the door handles, door mirrors, and other minor areas. They have to finish this improvement within three years before they officially release the car.


Wayne Griffiths said that Cupra Rebel will stay rebellious on its products and focus on the sporty design. Because of that, the manufacturer adds a futuristic interior to achieve this goal. For example, you are about to see a large floating center console.

2025 Cupra UrbanRebel dashboard

Interestingly, the 2025 Cupra UrbanRebel has a unique dashboard design with invisible air vents and LED lights on the cabin. Drivers and passengers can sit comfortably in a pair of sporty leather bucket seats.
The look is captivating with the addition of copper color metal trim. Cupra Rebel explains that they use advanced recycled polymers and bio-based materials for the cabin. Overall, the stylish and comfortable interior design of the car is for the comfort of the drivers.


The battery is a crucial element for an electric car. How about Cupra Rebel?. The manufacturer claims that they use a big battery to keep the vehicle reaching up to 273 miles. There is also a motor on the front part to produce 231 horsepower. This feature leads this car to reach 0 to 62 mph in only 6.9 seconds. Unfortunately, there is no official statement about the top speed.

Safety Features

The manufacturer installs all the safety features an electric car needs. Interestingly, Cupra’s boss explained that drivers can turn off the safety features to get a little bit of driving excitement.

Cupra UrbanRebel 2025 rear photo


Cupra has a plan to release three new electric car models, which are Cupra Terramar, Cupra Tavascan, and Cupra UrbanRebel. This company also wants to renew its current product for better sales.

Release Date and Price of 2025 Cupra UrbanRebel

The manufacturer will produce the 2025 Cupra UrbanRebel in the Martorell factory in Barcelona. Then, they will release it on the market in 2025. Cupra’s boss said that the price of this car is just over 20.000 euros or around £17.000. It means that Cupra is above the mass market but below the premium market. Indeed, it is not the final price.

There are so many things that will affect the price of the car before the release date. At the same time, Cupra is confident enough to reach its target. According to the 2018 data, this brand sold 200.000 units and earned up to 430 million euros. It even increased to 2.2 billion euros in 2021. In 2022, Cupra wants to double its sales. Griffiths said that the company wants to deliver 500.000 cars per year by expanding into new markets and segments.