Nio ES7 SUV: A Moving Living Room from China with Incredible Performance

Nio ES7 – If the US has Tesla, so China competes with Nio. And yes, the brand has announced the launch of its new SUV series, Nio ES7. The SUV uses only electricity as the power source and it also provides some battery options, 75kWh, 100kWh, and 150 kWh. Distances to reach those battery capacities are 485km, 620km, and 930km respectively. More than that, the company also claims that the battery is lightweight to reduce the burden of the car when you drive it.


Specs of Nio ES7


  1. Nio ES7 Specs
  2. Performance of Nio ES7
  3. Exterior and Interior Design
  4. Nio ES7 Safety Features
  5. Price and Release date
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With such battery features, the performance should be great for sure. However, you must agree that the presence of good-quality batteries is not enough. So, Nio also provides some other features for this ES7 series. It uses the mounted front motor as the all-wheel mover. With the combination of all the features, Nio claims that this series can spend only around 3.9 seconds for the accelerator of 0 to 100 km per hour. Thanks to the lightweight battery mentioned earlier. Furthermore, the car’s body is also majorly made from the l aluminum and carbon fiber.

To comfort the passengers more, all the Nio ES7 models feature the double-wishbone placed in the front area. It is also equipped with the air suspension installed behind the multi-link component. Interestingly, the suspension also has to continue silencer control. You can adjust this feature up to
90 mm.

For the wheels, Nio uses the Pirelli P Zero series of 21 inches. The wheels are equipped with 4 Brembo pistons and a brake caliper. In addition, the performance of the car is also improved by the electric crane bar with a maximum capacity of 2000kg.

  • 0-62 mph acceleration in 3.9 seconds
  • 100 to 0km/h braking within 33.9 meters
  • Range estimates
    • 75 kWh Standard Range Battery – 485 km (301 miles)
    • 150 kWh Ultra-long Range Battery – 930 km (578 miles)

Exterior and Interior Design

NIO ES7 interior

Nio ES7 is an SUV with 5 seats. The dimension includes 4912mm for the length, 1987mm for the width, and 1720mm for the height. Meanwhile, the distance between the wheels’ axis is 2960. If you take a look at this series for the first time, it may remind you of one of Tesla’s products, the Tesla Model 3. Well, both have a sleek nose in the front area. There are also daytime LED lamps that look thin as well as a set of sensors above the front glass.

Now, let’s take a look at the interior. There is an S-shaped instrument panel with a touchscreen infotainment system. The screen itself is 12.8 inches as well as the digital instrument available is 10.2 inches. In addition, you will also be spoiled with the NOMI virtual assistant installed on the dashboard. The interior of Nio ES7 is made as comfortable as possible. As the company representative says, the vision of the interior design is to create a second living room. So, you should not be surprised if there are many rattan trims to beautify the atmosphere even more.

Besides, the car is also full of grade-A facilities to spoil the passengers. You can mention them, there are the heating feature, ventilation, messaging function, the digital waterfall ambient lighting, the surround sound system, and more. Not to forget, you can try to wear the Augmented Reality glasses available inside. It is developed in such a way to enable you to see the 201-inches screen in 6 meters.

  • A 2,960 mm wheelbase
  • 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos sound system

Nio ES7 Safety Features

Not only does it highlight the comfort but also Nio ES7 develops a set of impressive safety features. The main goal of car development is to achieve an extra safe autonomous driving experience on the road. So, the car has 33 units of the high-performance sensory system including the camera, radar, sensor, and more.

  • NIO Digital System for Evolving Smart Technology
    • Banyan smart operating system – It boasts the most powerful in-car mobile connectivity and communication, including 5G, V2X, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, UWB, and NFC.
    • NIO Adam Super Computing
    • NIO Aquila Super-Sensing

Release date and Price

Are you interested in having the car? Well, it seems you don’t need to wait for so long. The distribution starts in August 2022. The price starts at RMB 468,000 or about USD $69,828.