The Things about Rivian Wall Charger

Having a Rivian EV car is a dream for most people. It is a futuristic car empowered with electric power to drive it. It tends to be more efficient because you don’t use petroleum as a fuel. Rivian wall charger is a magical tool to charge your car. You need to install it before using the Rivian car. Rivian wall charger installation is a solution to charge the electric battery power on your Rivian car.

rivian charging port

The Charging Time with Rivian Wall Charger

When you have purchased a Rivian wall charger, you need to install and use it later for charging your electric car. It is fuelling it based on your needs. It has been tested for charging time for software and tools. It reveals that the Rivian charger can charge power up to 450 A and almost 200 kW. You can see directly to take 498 A with a low charging. Then, it combines with 400 V. It is more than 200 kW to 204 kW on 14 % of SOC to be more specific. It lasts for hours so that it doesn’t spend your time
charging it. It has fast charging to recharge an electric car quickly.

Features and Specs of Rivian Wall Charger

rivian wall charger

Before you use the Rivian wall charger, you can reveal some specifications of this charger. You can recognize the price and Rivian wall charger cost before buying it. It doesn’t spend your money because it is rechargeable for times until it is broken. Rivian charger is the fastest way to recharge your Rivian EV car at home. It presents a distance and range of up to 25 miles every hour for recharging.

It doesn’t require maintenance and updates for the OTA software. You can monitor the power charging in real-time through the application of the Rivian car. Of course, you can leave a charging process by doing some daily activities at home without waiting for it near your car. If you want to know some specifications of this charger, you can get the information details below.


It has a size of 16.3”x5.5”x7.8. It belongs to a small charger size. You can save it in your bag or cabinet without spending more space. It is also portable because you can bring it anywhere you want. Meanwhile, the length of the Rivian charger cable is 25”. It takes relatively long to charge your electric car. You can put your car in the garage and the cable can handle the length of your garage while charging. It is similar to its name, a wall charger in which you need to plug in the electric switch on the
wall. You can build a Rivian charging port for a Rivian car charging process.

rivian wall charger installation

Weather Resistant

This Rivian charger has a connector of SAE J1772. It is a new connector product for Rivian charger so that it can transfer electric energy quickly to the car’s battery. Rivian charger is also weather resistant for installation and usage outdoor or indoor. It is so practical because you can charge your car anywhere without a doubt to the weather changes. The Rivian v2h charging process doesn’t make you worried and hurried.

Easy to Use

You can use a stopwatch of 240 V when you are charging with a Rivian wall charger. You also require the installation of a circuit cutter of 60A for maximum flow. Make sure that you have built it before charging it. This wall charger is easy to use. You need to use a stopwatch and the installation of Rivian’s application. You must connect to those tools. When you have connected it, you can start charging.