2023 DS 7 Crossback Plug-in Hybrid – Specs, release date, price

DS Revive Its Flagship Cross-Back to Be Launched in 2023. In 2017, DS launched one of the best cross-back models in the DS 7 series. After that, it had been a while since we heard about this company in the car market. But that won’t last long. According to the official announcement from this French-based car manufacturer, a new version of DS 7 will be prepared to be released. So, let’s see what you get from this new DS beast.

2023 DS 7 Crossback Plug-in Hybrid exterior

2023 DS 7 Crossback Plug-in Hybrid Specifications

Luxurious Design

The overall design looks luxurious. We see a change on the front side, led by the new design for the LED running light. DS adds four new lights in the headlight section. And it goes down until it reaches the front bumper.  The new headlight design was made to provide enough space for the new front grille for this new model. Furthermore, DS also uses a new wing motif, creating a luxurious appearance on the front side. The gloss black or chrome finish also creates another level of look. This color is the option you can choose for the trim part. Furthermore, DS will provide multiple choices of other colors for the body in the future.

2023 DS 7 Crossback Plug-in Hybrid interior

DS also gives a special touch to the headlight by pairing it with Pixel LED Vision 3.0 tech. Thanks to this feature, you get a brighter headlight that is useful for night driving. The system also helps you to adjust the light strength based on the weather, road type, and many more. Moreover, it has an intelligent system that can prevent blinding light from other vehicle beam lights.

The rear side also receives a new design change. It now has extra creases, which give a broader vibe. Furthermore, the slimmer LED tail lights also create elegant looks. The DS Automobiles script on this part shows the identity of this model. Then, paired with 19-inch alloy wheels, you get one of the best appearances from the cross-back series of this brand.

Performance, and Features

Comfort and convenience seem to be the theme of the new 2023 DS 7 Crossback PHEV interior. Using the 12-inch touchscreen, you get a reliable infotainment system you can use anytime you want. Compared to the previous DS 4 hatchback, it is more extensive, although it still uses the same IRIS software. You also get various widgets, such as voice recognition and higher resolution front and rear parking cameras. Moreover, the new night vision also helps you to drive in low light conditions with a voice warning feature. The core specification is a diesel motor. DS uses the 128-horsepower BlueHDi diesel motor as one option, along with the other three hybrid models.

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The choices are the E-Tense 225 model, which has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 178 horsepower output. Because it is a hybrid, it also has an electric motor with a 222 horsepower output. It uses 14.2 kWh batteries. The other option is the DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 300. It uses an eclectic motor and petrol engine with 187 horsepower output. This combination creates better output at 296 horsepower. The last model is the E-Tense 4×4 360. As for this one, it has the exact specifications of the 300 model. However, it uses a different setup for its powertrain software, which gives you an additional 59 horsepower.

2023 DS 7 Crossback Plug-in Hybrid

2023 DS 7 Plug-in Hybrid Price and Release Date

DS will accept the order for the new 2023 DS7 Crossback PHEV model in August. And the release will be in October 2022. As for the price, we have no information about it. However, we assume it will have a slight difference from the 2017 model. So, you only need to wait for it a bit until you get the full release of this new DS series.