What to Expect from the New 2024 Toyota Tacoma?

2024 Toyota Tacoma is in its testing phase out there. Therefore, it is the perfect time to talk all about the electric truck itself. At least, that is the thing that many pickup truck enthusiasts are into at the moment. Apart from the somewhat unknown details regarding the vehicle itself, there have been many rumors and speculations circulating. So, what are the things to expect from the new model of Tacoma?.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Specs ( expected )

2024 Toyota Tacoma front
2024 Toyota Tacoma spy shot

Apart from the fact that the truck is fully camouflaged during its testing phase, there are several visible details to spot on the pickup truck. The most noticeable thing about the new Tacoma as seen in its off-road testing is the rear suspension. Of course, it is good news for many people who expect it to be better for Tacoma. Looks like Toyota realizes this and brings it out to the public through the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

New Features to Come

Previously, rumor has it that the new release of the Tacoma for the 2024 year model may provide a significant update to the previous model. Following the testing phase of the new Tacoma lately, it seems like the rumor is true. The new Toyota Tacoma suspension seems to be incorporating the same suspension as the 2022 version of the Toyota Tundra. In other words, the new Tacoma will not be using a leaf springs suspension set anymore. It will have a rear coil spring suspension just like the one in Tundra. Furthermore, it is easy to assume that matters since reportedly the new Tundra and Tacoma will also share platforms for the upcoming model respectively. At least, it is a good sign of improvement and upgrades for the new model of Tacoma.

2024 Toyota Tacoma rear
2023 toyota tacoma spy photos

So far, it is accurate to say that many things about the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck are pretty much the unknown. There are not much of things to discover apart from expecting that it may bring out similar things to the previous model of Tacoma. Apart from the suspension and the platforms shared by Tacoma and Tundra, the 2024 Tacoma also incorporates similar trailing arms to the Tundra. Another thing to conclude from the testing photos of the 2024 toyota tacoma redesign is the accurately similar taillights to the Tundra. It looks like the design of the taillights comes as a vertically oriented triple bar LED design. Of course, the overall size is smaller since Tacoma is fundamentally smaller than Toyota Tundra.

2024 Toyota Tacoma electric truck
2023 toyota tacoma pictures

Engine and Performance of 2024 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck

Concerning the 2024 Toyota Tacoma performance, there is no official release of information about it just yet from Toyota. Nevertheless, it is easy to assume that Toyota will refresh the things under the hood of Tacoma. The current model has a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Yet, the new version may incorporate a turbocharged V4 in a 2.4-liter engine. It is a decent move to boost the performance. The 2.4-liter turbocharged V4 can deliver up to 317 pound-feet of torque. It offers a significant increase from the 265 pound-feet of torque in the current model of Tacoma. In terms of the transmission system of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, it may leave the six-speed manual behind and brings an eight-speed automatic transmission as the current standard in the market.

2024 Toyota Tacoma truck

2024 Toyota Tacoma Release Date and Pricing

Late 2023 is the most reasonable time for a 2023 toyota tacoma electric truck to come into the public officially. So, it is possible that the official release date and pricing for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will not become available until early 2023. In terms of the price, an increase is reasonable from the current pricing which ranges from $27,715 to $48,245. It is interesting to wait for more updates on the car later, indeed.
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