2025 Dacia Spring Next Generation, will be based on CMF-A platform

2025 Dacia Spring new version – The Cheapest Electric Car with a Huge Demand in Europe. Dacia Spring is known as the cheapest electric car on the European market. It makes people doubt the performance of this car. Surprisingly, the data from the test drive shows something interesting. Check the review below to know what makes this car special despite its affordable price. The next-gen Spring will ride on the CMF-A platform.

2022 dacia spring

Specifications of current Dacia Spring

Good on Its Speed

The automaker claims that this 33-kW electric motor can run up to 77 mph or 125 kph. Some people doubt this claim and want to check it out by themselves. Then, a video on Joe Black’s YouTube channel answers that curiosity. The result is even higher than the datasheet. Imagine that the speedometer reaches up to 131 kph or 81 mph in real traffic. This car is six kph or 3.7 mph faster than the actual speed.

The Power of Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring uses a 26.8 kWh battery. Users should have a 220V household socket, a Wall Box, or a DC terminal to recharge the battery. Using this battery, this car reaches up to 142 miles or 230 km according to the WLTP cycle. On the other hand, according to the WLTP city cycle, this car can reach 189 miles or 305 km.

2025 dacia spring

Safety Features

The automaker also focuses on the safety of the driver and passengers. To achieve this goal, the development team installed some safety features, including a speed limiter, ABS, ESP, electronic brake force distribution, six airbags, and an emergency call or SOS button. The safety features are complete with automatic headlamp activation and emergency braking.
The manufacturer released this old version of the Dacia car at the end of March 2022. Nowadays, you can find almost 40.000 Dacia Spring in the European market, especially in France, Italy, and Germany. France is the top distribution of this car with up to 18.000 units, whereas Italy receives 6.700 units. The manufacturer distributes 5.100 units to Germany.

2025 Dacia Spring Review, the cheapest electric car

Dacia explains that they don’t want to develop an electric vehicle alone. They have a business agreement with Renault to sell the Renault City K-ZE. Surprisingly, the demand for Dacia Spring is higher than its target. This automaker targets to sell 40.000 cars, but they receive 46.000 orders only in Europe. In other places, such as Romania, the demand for this car reaches up to 4.000 units on the first day.

2025 dacia spring rear

On the other hand, Renault confirms that the New Dacia Spring 2025 is unrelated to the Renault 4 and Renault 5 models. This project is still in progress. The company ensures that Renault 4 and 5 will be released in 2024.
It is also claimed that the Spring will have the same size. Even if there is an improvement, it focuses on the car’s width. One thing is for sure; the actual model will not be too far from the current model. It can be shown that the Spring is a bit taller than the Renault 5. Renault also focuses on Renault-badged EVs.

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Release date of The Next-Gen 2025 Dacia Spring

Based on the schedule, this French automaker will launch this product in 2024. They even plan to reveal the Alpine sports sedan a year later. It is claimed that the design will be similar to the Tesla Model 3. It sounds so interesting to see the development of Dacia Spring in the market after huge demand.

2025 Dacia Spring Price

The price of this upcoming version is still unknown. Let’s talk about the current price of the recent Dacia spring. For example, the cost of this previous electric car version started at €21.790 or $25.931 on the German market. The price is only €12.220 or $14.542 after getting a subsidy from the government for about €9.570 or $11.389. For the 2025 version, there is still no information.

Next Generation Dacia Spring FAQs:

What is the next-gen 2025 Dacia Spring release date?

The next Generation Dacia Spring will be delivered to customer in 2024

What is the expected Next-gen 2025 Dacia Spring price?

The next generation Dacia Spring prices could start at around $35.000