2025 VW Tiguan – New EV Car from Volkswagen

2025 VW Tiguan – The EV trend and domination seem to be a reality. Many famous car companies compete to launch or prepare a new product that matches this market. Volkswagen is no different. This car company also has been preparing the new product that they will release. It is the 2025 vw tiguan. Of course, because they aim for the EV market, VW also adds the electric powertrain inside.

2025 Volkswagen Tiguan Specifications

As we all know, the VW Tiguan is a crossover-type car. However, size-wise, this car is a bit smaller than the standard crossover. Therefore, it is said that this car is a perfect choice for you who need a small car, enough for your new family. It is a comfortable car that won’t take up too much space like the mid or full-size crossover or SUV.

Volkswagen Tiguan
current version of vw tiguan


Volkswagen uses the current Tiguan as the base for this remodeled version. Therefore, the design and its appearance won’t stray too far from the original. The latest spy photo also shows new elements on its body. However, it is still hidden, which could be a big surprise when they release it later.

Dimension-wise, we can see that the EV version of Tiguan uses the short-wheelbase of the Tiguan model sold overseas. It is different from the wheelbase of the Tiguan you can find in the U.S. Moreover, we also can see the front side of this new model. One of the most interesting parts is the sealed grille. In our opinion, this design is to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance. On the other hand, we also see that the new Tiguan will have a rugged appearance. This style is the current Tiguan model’s trademark, and we believe that Volkswagen won’t remove that. It is also necessary to show the category where it belongs, which is different from VW ID.4 SUV with its curvier body.

We all know that most of the test or prototype cars will have some changes for the released version. However, given the looks of the test car for this model, we believe that VW doesn’t add extra elements that can change the whole appearance.


We have no information regarding the specification. However, from the mule test car, we can see that this model will be the EV model. We come to this conclusion after noticing the different designs on the tailpipes. The prototype from the spy photo shows that it doesn’t have tailpipes. Therefore, we consider it
doesn’t need the exhaust system as you can find in the fossil-fuel-based model. So, it will most likely be
the EV model.

VW Tiguan

Because of that, we think VW will build this model on the MEB architecture. This base is the standard frame for EV, which can accommodate the electric powertrain and other components that support its performance. Then, we came to this question. Is it a full-electric system or a hybrid system?. Some experts say that the 2025 Tiguan will follow the trend and use the zero-emission powertrain. However, the others say that you also can find some models with a hybrid system.

In this case, we believe that VW will provide several models you can choose from, either full EV or hybrid. And, if you have a limited budget, we suggest you choose the hybrid as it will be the most affordable one if we see it from other models.

Price and Release Date of 2025 Volkswagen Tiguan

The release date is still two years in the future. It might be revealed at the end of 2024, then the introduction and release will be in 2025 as the 2025 vw tiguan model. We can’t predict the price because there will most likely be changes in the market next year. So, be patient and wait for the official release.
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