3 Reasons Why You Must Choose Sync EV Charger

Sync EV Charger – Do you look for a charger for your electric car? One of your choices is Sync EV Charger. It has been claimed as the smallest electric vehicle charger in the world. There are some reasons why you must choose this. Let’s take a look at the explanation in the following paragraph.

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Made by Global Manufacturer

The 7.4kw EV charger is made by one of the global manufacturers of wiring accessories and LED lighting. It is Luceco Group PLC, founded in 1941. It is a reliable charger brand because all of the products of Luceco Group PLC must be under the best process of QC. Besides, this company has cooperated with many companies in the world: Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, and many more. With its long experience in providing vehicle support, choosing this EV charger can be a good idea.

Sync EV Charger Installation: Untethered and Smart

About the installation of vehicle chargers, there are tethered and untethered ones. If you want a simple charger, the EV charger comes to be the right choice. There will be a cleaner look when charging your car using it. There is no need for a cable that somehow makes the charging process more complicated. Moreover, the Sync EV App helps all users easily monitor the charging process. You can schedule your charging via smartphone. This smart feature allows the driver to know all the info about their car’s battery charging by checking the smartphone only. In addition, the charger also has WiFi to enable the connectivity of its smart features to the smartphone app.

If you are interested in using it, there will be another Sync EV Charger Cost for additional accessories to install all the features. Indeed, the cost will be worth enough with all of the ease provided for the drivers in
monitoring their car’s battery.

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The Design of the Charger

Sync EV Charger is designed as the smallest home charger. The size is only 187 mm high, 112 mm wide, and 90 mm deep. It is pretty small compared to other chargers with the same functions. It becomes one of the advantage because it can be easy to bring everywhere. There is an LED light ring as well in the charger. It has a function to display the charging process.

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Powered on and ready to charge will be shown by this LED light. So, the drivers will know the process by seeing the LED light. It becomes so helpful to see whether the charger is working at a glance. You can also turn the LED’s brightness in the app. The overall appearance has an unfussy design, showing a smart appearance with a glossy black finish.

Conclusion: The Sync EV Charger Review

From the users who have used this EV Charger, overall, they enjoyed testing and using this charger. The easy-to-setup charger comes to make the activity of charging the vehicle easier. Added by the Sync EV Charger technical support is provided, it makes all users satisfied using it. The excellent customer care service of Sync EV becomes another reason for people to love this product.

Many questions from the users are answered quickly and clearly. From this point, the company’s customer care is those who understand the product. It is a good point because people will get satisfaction. With all the explanations above, choosing this Sync EV Charger is a good idea. Various features are offered in this charger, and it makes all drivers easy and satisfied when charging their cars. Its small design of it also allows the charger to be brought easily. So, have you decided to buy this small charger for your vehicle?