Volkswagen Tiguan 2025 – The Next-Generation Tiguan Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen Tiguan 2025 – Volkswagen has a unique project to redesign its 2016 mid-size crossover, the Tiguan. One of the goals is to improve this car into an electric car. You may not see a 2025 VW Tiguan on the road soon. It seems that the automaker will start this project in 2024 and launch it in 2025. Luckily, spy photographers have captured the prototype of the Tiguan’s next generation.

2022 vw tiguan front

2022 vw tiguan

The Unique Parts of This Next-Gen VW Tiguan 2025

Based on the photos from the spy photographers, this latest Volkswagen Tiguan 2025 SUV doesn’t have any tailpipes. You will see a closed-off front grille to prevent any air intake. This improvement shows that Volkswagen is planning to redesign the old Tiguan into an electric car with an electric powertrain. Most fans even hope that VW launches the Tiguan in three different versions, which are hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric powertrains for its global market. It could be an effective and more affordable solution for this automaker and also for customers who want to buy an electric car.


Although this compact SUV may arrive in 2025, we expect that the automaker will offer the Tiguan in two lengths. Volkswagen is not the first company to test its electric powertrain in Tiguan. In April, this automaker tested a white Tiguan.

This version has black bumpers and side skirts. They also give extra girth and cover the body panels. It shows that the car will be an electric powertrain vehicle. This latest prototype is more polished compared to the earlier prototype. VW fans will be excited to see more electric Tiguan prototypes before the release date of the next-gen Tiguan.

The Prototype of the 2025 VW Tiguan

Based on the photos from the spy photographers, it is known that the automaker uses an EV platform, along with a new Tiguan body. Experts believe that VW wants to hide the new features and mechanicals until the release date. Interestingly, the prototype uses a short-wheelbase body that is often sold overseas and not a long-wheelbase that is commonly found in the U.S. The manufacturer also should ensure that this prototype is different from the curvier ID.4.

2022 vw tiguan dashboard

Things You Can Expect from the Next-Gen Tiguan

So, what can people expect from the 2025 VW Tiguan or the Next-Gen Tiguan?. One of the things people can expect from this car is a zero-emission powertrain. It would be great if VW decided to release the mild-hybrid units. It’s an affordable version of the mid-size and electric crossover. Nowadays, we can only enjoy the prototype that mostly adopts Volkswagen’s ID family of electric vehicles. That’s why you will see this vehicle with its full-width LED headlights, taillights, and soft lines on the body. VW fans also hope that the next-gen Tiguan will come with fresher technology, safety features, and comfort features.

We don’t know whether the automaker will keep the seven-seater all space for the latest version or not. As long as VW applies a longer model, there will still be enough room as in the previous version.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2025 Release Date

There has been no official announcement about the release date of this Volkswagen Tiguan 2025 redesign model. It is expected to launch in 2024, which means that this car will arrive as a 2025 model. Until then, we can only wait and see the progress. Hopefully, the official team will announce the progress regularly on their official website and social media accounts. So, VW fans look further and are glad to know about the Tiguan redesign project. They are even curious when VW decides to transform this car into an electric-powertrain car. In the end, we can only wait and see the 2025 VW Tiguan version released in the global market.