Zappi Charger Review: The Recommended Solar Charger

The Zappy charger is made British. It is integrated with solar energy. It has a tidy derived cable with an LCD control panel. It doesn’t bond or tie. You don’t require a branch to use it. The Zappi EV charger is another type of this charger. It signs every contact for home power charging. However, does it show and run? Let us find out about the functions of the zappy charger.

zappy ev charger

What Is a “Zappy Charger”?

The Zappy charger is one of the most popular smart charger products in the UK. It is mostly used by electricians and homeowners. The owner agrees that it is reliable to handle electric tools. The electricians claim that it is a great device. You can reveal some things about Zappi before selecting this product. It helps you use an EV charger correctly. Zappi is the smallest charger on the market.

However, it is amazing. With reliable performance and integration with wind, solar, and micro-hydro energy, it is the right choice for producing renewable energy. You should include it on the list for a smart home charger.

zappy charger

Pros and Cons of Zappi Charger

You can recognize some pros and cons of this charger. It helps you to ignore a few Zappi charger problems before you buy it.


  • A derived control
  • A good building quality
  • Late and not bounding
  • Solar energy, wind, and micro-hydro support
  • A power charging mode
  • Tidy cables


  • Average application
  • Requiring myenergy hub
zappi ev charger myenergy app
zappi ev charger myenergy app

Those are some pros and cons of convincing you to select this charger. You can bargain whether you choose it or not.

zappi ev charger specs

The Things about Zappi Charger

It is to use a Zappi charger for recharging solar energy. It makes everyone impressed with a Zappi charger.

Integrated Solar Feed

Sometimes, the functions beat the design, and Zappi shows it confidently. It is competent to be a field and fill an expectation. You can schedule a power charging session and integrate your solar feed. Charging power can reach 100 % of solar energy or a combination of grid and solar.

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Requiring Myenergy Hub

When you buy a Zappi EV charger, you need to install my energy hub application. It is a separate device to function well. This application inserts Zappi in some spots. It seems to be a different model from the next generation.

Strong Build Up

It is about the build-up of the Zappi charger. It is so strong, and the size is ideal. It means that you can circle your cables around it. It functions to be a natural and tidy cable. You can increase the charging power to 7.4 kW which you can add an extra distance of 3 to 4 miles per hour. You can see the smaller design factors. It is better to let it go.

Easy to Set

Zappi charger doesn’t require an electric device and a branch like Garo because it has derived protection to the loss of neutral protection conductor. It also has protection against RCD 30mA type A and 6mA DC RCS derivation. Zappi charger requires the AC supply, nominally 230V/240V from the circuit cutter of 32A on the single phase supply. Most houses will fill this configuration with minimal electrician work. It makes Zappi settings easy for a competent electrician. Zappi is a simple installation in which you don’t require electrician tools for most installations. It is connected to renewable energy sources like wind and sun. It has a special setting.

Zappi tethered is easy to do. You can use a light switch and three cables to supply one phase to a unit for providing power. To handle this installation, you can use a doddle. It is a circuit cutter for the B curve for external RCD. The installation usually doesn’t take three hours, like cleaning and drilling.