2024 Volkswagen ID. Aero: Specifications, release date, Review of all-electric

Volkswagen I.D Aero –  After having years of reputation for producing the worst combustion engine cars, the German auto manufacturer, Volkswagen, has recently started its journey to redeem its past mistakes. In doing this, the giant automaker introduced its first fully-electric sedan, the Volkswagen I.D. AERO on June 27. To be expected, the hype around this car is relatively high. So, why do people highly anticipate this car? What exciting features does this car have?

Volkswagen ID. Aero photo

2024 Volkswagen ID. Aero Specs

Introducing 2024 VW I.D. AERO. Volkswagen has had a bad reputation for selling cars with poor emission rates for years. It was not until 2018 that VW became the first company to commit to the Paris Agreement, in which they aimed to only produce carbon-free cars by 2050. Since then, various Electric Vehicle (EV) models have been introduced, starting with the e-Golf, e-up!, followed by the I.D. car line in 2020.

Performance review

The I.D. AERO 2024 is built to be the EV counterpart of the Passat, a VW’s combustion car. Although currently only being presented in sketches, VW I.D. AERO comes with some promising figures; for starters, like the other I.D. cars, the I.D. AERO will also be built upon VW’s modular electric vehicle matrix (MEB). Volkswagen had shared a specification of the battery size to be around 77 kWh, presumably similar to the ones installed in the I.D. BUZZ electric van.

In addition, the company had also estimated the range to be about 385 miles based on the optimistic WLTP test cycle. As the name suggests, volkswagen id Aero will be built to be as aerodynamic as possible. The cars’ slippery drag coefficient of only 0.23 is one of the likely causes for the effective battery range. The acceleration isn’t too bad, either. As stated by VW’s former R&D Frank Welsch in 2020, the I.D. AERO will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in around 5.6 seconds.

Interior and exterior

The early sketches of the cars hinted at various design features that will likely be implemented in the final production of the VW I.D. AERO. First, the car’s exterior features a flowing line from the front to the back, accentuating the car’s aerodynamic capability.  In addition, the car also features a low front hood with a coupe-style swooping roof line to increase its performance and power efficiency.

Volkswagen ID. Aero

As of today (July 4th), there haven’t been any interior sketches for the VW I.D. AERO. However, looking at the car’s long body, we can expect the interior to be quite spacious. Lastly, Volkswagen will likely equip the I.D. AERO with 22 inches wheels, although 20 inches are preferable. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any information about the price range for the I.D. AERO.

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Volkswagen ID. Aero Release date and Price

The first I.D. car to be introduced is the I.D. CROZZ, a fully electric SUV introduced back in 2020. Then, the company introduced the I.D. Buzz van is planned to be released in the UK in October 2022 and in the US in 2023. To improve the company’s selection of fully-electric cars, VW introduced the newest addition to the I.D. family, namely the I.D. AERO, which is the company’s first fully-electric sedan.

Unlike the first two I.D. cars, VW aimed to release the I.D. AERO for the China market first in the second half of 2023, followed by the global market the following year. The car is presented as an EV model for the upper-middle class in china. In addition, the German auto manufacturer also included some excellent features about this car.

So, those are everything we know so far about the Volkswagen I.D. AERO. Due to the company’s focus on the Chinese market, the US and Europe fans may need to wait for the I.D. AERO to be available. Regardless, the VW I.D. AERO is an EV that’s worth anticipating.